horse robot

Hey guys this is my lates work, is a boss from the megaman zero series i still cant get teh metal material the way i want it, i want something like this:

can any of you help me by telling me of a tutorial that can help me or maybe you can tell me how to do something close to that, any comnet will be apretiated.

The model you linked to was rendered in VRay - This means it will be hard to reprpoduce in Blender Internal. Keep the spec on the material soft and not too high, maybe add a texture to give it a metallic look, and make sure you have a good lighting rig, as otherwise the highlights won’t appear very realistic. Also, try using AO if you aren’t already - it’s hard to tell now that AAO is implemented and the noise is gone.

Also, the sabers could use some work - They look like they’re done with halos, have a search for some lightsaber tutorials and you will find some pretty cool effects.

lol you are right the saber are made aout of halo lol i have to fix that, but the tricky part is to do the metal material now that i look at the model it look more like it was made out of ceramic or porcelain thanks for the tip man, if you or anyone else have anything to say and i mean anything tell me because i cant learn whitout critique.