horse scan / sculpt

Been learning how to do photogrammetry, latest effort, using lots of tools including blender! I sculpted the missing bits of the mesh etc. in blender and rendered so there is a bit of interpretation it’s not identical to the one in the museum. British museum was never going to let me have a ladder and proper lights I suspect so couldn’t photograph all of it . did the whole thing from capture to finished manifold mesh.

UV unwrap is poor I was lazy and couldn’t face going back through the workflow again when I realized but it’s good enough, rest it ok :slight_smile:

Very interesting work. I think it’s necessary to bring mastrepieces of the museum to public using 3d objects. Can you tell us more about the used software to do this? I have some roman sculptures to do here in Vienne (France) like this one.

Last one I scanned from the museum on my course, have tweaked workflow, keeping much more detail now in the final image, trying to resist going back and doing the others again! Pleased with this one.

Hi Tcherdoni,

I’m just starting out figuring this out as well, I went on a course last week run by Tom you can contact him through this web page for museum in a box they do loads of stuff like this and work with Museums as well.

The tools I used for this (in no particular order are!)

Agisoft for initial construction of the point cloud and high detailed mesh and initial mesh clean up.
meshlab for more clean up and creating low poly mesh
blender for even more clean up and any sculpting / adjustment / uv unwrapping, final scene, prep for scetchfab etc.
substance designer for baking maps and texture transfer (you can use blender for that as well obviously but I like the control substance designer gives you.
substance painter for fixing up the image any glitches from the scan fixing normal maps adding roughness etc.

I’ve written the steps down, let me run through it one more time with a post box I did and if it works for that I’ll share it.