Horse WIP

I’m making a horse. It’s my first attempt to do something complex and organic.

I’ve got a head so far.


Complex and organic maybe you call me :P.ehheehe

Looks nice

Hi Becca! That’s a nice start, keep it up! :slight_smile:

I usually go ahead and do the barrel body, then work out the legs.

nice start!

I think the nostrils, lips, and eyebrow areas could use a bit of inflating, make 'em a bit more fleshy.
I could be wrong about this but the ears look a bit too big for a horse, maybe scale them down a tiny bit?

check out these anatomy drawings, 1-12 and 13-24 (first two pages) should be pretty helpful, especially if you plan on doing a bit of sculpt :slight_smile:

hope that helps!

You can also try this site. Veterinary Anatomical Illustrations

Think of it as Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body, but for animals :wink:

Thanks guys.

After a looong period of not working, I’ve finished the basic framework of the horse.


looks nice! :smiley:

Almost finished with the low-poly model.