Hey guys!

First post here! I am a relativelly new Blender user and I am astonished by it’s power!
Here’s a horse that I am working for a still ( Maybe animated in the future).

Hope you like it! Still in progress so…

Welcome to BlenderArtists!

Really nice start you have there!
IMO, the head is spot on!
The bottom side of the neck looks a little too straight.
Where the upper part of the front legs meet the body looks too abrupt, something’s too sharp in there.
The hind legs look too skinny around the “thighs” (sorry, not up on my horse anatomy) right above the knee to the haunch.
I don’t have time to look at references right now.
The overall shape looks great, again, love the form of the head and face, the shape of the body is great.
Keep working on the legs and neck, then tackle the materials.
Welcome to the Blender community!

nice work there. Um his back leg looks like its got a huge dent in it and the front legs look a bit like they are seperate and stuck up through chest. otherwise great model!

Thanks guys!

Working on some of the problems right now. And some are already corrected. I will post a render as soon as possible. I’ve been working on the hair also, but I am still fighting with it to get the result I want.
Here’s a “wire” of the head.

There’s some five-pointers, but most of them are isolated.
I also made a shader that enables me to change parameters (coat color, with/without leg “socks”, hair, etc) and have a totally different coat. Still working on it also. I am thinking about building a “wizard” script for the coat and also to randomize the process when necessary (to make it easy and fast to generate different horses in a scene).

I think you do good job if you said this still in progress,go finished it and lets see on finished project. :slight_smile:

looking really good! just some pointers,
i think a lot of the problems mentioned so far could be greatly reduced just by

  1. Increasing the overall size of the head
  2. Increasing the size / curvature of the chest area, and under the whole body.

It might not look like your referance photo, but I have 5 horses, and that’s just the impression that I get.

But still! Great work! fantastic.
Keep it up!

Hey guys!

Still working on the model, but here’s a test with hair.

I am still fighting to get the results I want so…

Nice model!
The skin/furr or what you want to call it needs some work, i dont know how but somehow you need to recreate all the tiny hair’s, what you have now looks very good, but it needs to be better to be of the same quality as the model.

Nice work!

Hey guys,

New Hair test.

Still fighting with the fur…


Started working a little more on the rig and did some changes on the model.
The hair is not rigged yet, so…
Here’s a test: