Horses 2d/3d

(r) #1

Hi guys,

we’re searching for someone who could create 2d/3d models of horses which are made of wood for children (40-120cm high). As there are several options (size, head, ears, face, mane, color) for a client to create his horse (2d/3d will be part of an online configuration tool), we’ll need different views for each variation to simulate the clients horse. Please note: That’s just a part of an online configuration tool, there’s no need to be too detailed.

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact me to receive further details.



(Nicole) #2


I am am an experienced 2d/3d Developer and I can definitely create this model.

Please check PM and Kindly reach me on

M: +13474746849

Waiting to hear back from you.