HORSES:Update new pics

I hope you like this picture, I made this horse because I never see a decent 3d horse, and I so tired of human,alien,monster,etc heads.

C&Q are welocome.

Sorry for my english

Pure Blender Render i love it!!!

Nice “Image hosted by tripod” picture :stuck_out_tongue: Can we see another angle? Not getting very much detail on the blue circle :stuck_out_tongue: try

Check the link hostj.

first of all, i’m HOSJ, not hostj. second of all, that is a NICE pic. :smiley: Maybe lower the spec on the horses- hair isnt so shiny. Oh yes, maybe widen their ears so they dont look so yoda-esque. :wink:

The image is nice, but the horses are looking too much like cows, there’s something very unhorsey about those horses :o .

Those are very nicely done and well lit and textured.

Maybe a little more mesh tweaking to get them to be more horse looking, but not much. I could definitley tell they were horses.


thanks all for the critics, the ears is one thing that i’m going to modificate,
and this i think is still a wip, but I so happy wiht it that i want to show you all this nice pic.

(the horse are low poli + displacement map+bump map+color map.

2 hours to render :o

Try to set the disp slider a little lower then.

Nice render, but it needs some tweaking. Looking at the white horse I can tell where you could make some changes. Before the nostrils the face sinks in, or shrinks. It shouldn’t do that. A horses face gradually gets a little smaller towards the nose, and the nose is a little bit bigger but not that much. It doesn’t shape in like an hour glass. The ears our kind of thick to. I would maybe take the spec down some as well. Besides that it looks good.

the nose part is right, I now because i paint horse every day of my life, the spec is no’t too high, is just like that,the texture is still a wip, the enviroment is really a quick thing to complete the picture, original is olnly one head horse and nothing else, later i post son images of the horse head alone, whit and whitout textures, thanks for all keep critics :smiley:

And maybe if you want i post a picture of one of my painting’s of horse

the eyes are scary right now but the rest is looking good!

Well, I think you may be painting them incorrectly, or your modeling eye is not as well as your painting. But here are a few pictures to show you what im talking about. You have overly exaggerated the shape of the snout for this horse. I have also noticed that it seems the eye sockets are a little big as well.

Ataryu: you have right in some point, but I want to tell you and all the rest of the people that i’n not going for hiperralism, I just want to do something nice, with a touch of art, an also this is the first head of a horse that i’m modeling I hope the next one become better, and the rest of the body too.

thanks for all :wink:

Yes this is your first head, and in order for the next one to be better you need to learn how to do a few things right? So I am giving you CC so that next time you do model the head of a horse you know what to work on.

Ataryu:Thanks for all, I try to imrpove my modeling skills (i hope so), wath do u think about the new pic, is to soft?

This is one of my traditional horses painting’s i hope you like.

The new image looks very different. You lost alot in detail, I think its to soft. It kind of looks like the horses are glossed over or something of the sort. It looks alot faker than the originally image IMO. It seems that you improved and also lessened the image at the same time…

Wow… some good painting there, wish I could draw like that.

Anyways, here’s my oppinion on your 3d horses so far… Well, in anfas (front) they look pretty good, realistic, but in profile (side) they look like doberman dogs… seriously. And their mouthes look kind of small? Like they chew something? Look at the heads on your painting and look at the heads on your 3d render, the head is way to stretched out on the 3d version, making it look like a dog. Plus, horses have very muscular back jaw area, which shows well on your painting, but on 3d render that area is kind of small.

Hope that helps,


nice but they need eyes!!! they look kinda dead-zombieish without their eyes. Paint them more, darker, and with a highlight-just look at horses eyes for reference on google.

new pic with a few modifications in the horses mesh and textures