Horster Mill

Oh well, i’m back with my latest Blender project, the “Horster Mühle” called in german.
I started a small competition with an friend of mine, who could model this building better.
he used the valve hammer editor, i used blender. as reference image we used this picture taken in essen, germany.

after a few weeks he quitted cause of the lack of time, so i had to finished my building without the pressure beeing the best :D. i have to mention, that he is a beast with the hammer editor! would have been hard to finish him there^^
so enough talked about the history, now the final image :wink:
if you are interested in the wip, i can only provide a german wip thread on blendpolis:
there are a plenty of wireframes clayrender and such things to find.
in the end the high res images:

and for the movie guys out there, i rendered 37 hours for a 15 sek animation of this building :wink:

Wow! This is quality work :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion, you should add some sort of a realistic sky (real blue, clouds etc) to match the realistic scene.

What technique did you use to create the trees?

Jaw drop

Outstanding work! Really looks like a photograph to me, which renderer did you use?

hey thanks!
this is the blenderinternal render :wink: the trees behind the building are just planes with mapped images, the trees in the foreground are less good, but made with this tutorial http://www.blendercookie.com/2010/12/16/setting-up-a-manual-version-of-the-tree-from-curves-plugin-part-1/ and a lot of experementing. i would have killed my pc with a tree made with this tutorial, because it generates extremely highpoly objects, so i spent a few hours tweaking the polycount ab bit :wink:

Great job Lino :wink:

Yay this looks so good! Congratulations, I’m sure you would have won the competition :wink:

Like I said on DeviantArt, it’s awesome.

Your’re kidding right?

nope, its really blenderinternal, with lux it would have been more awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks great! I might recommend moving the light source or flipping the trees, though, as the light on the trees is coming from the opposite direction of the light on the building.

Wow, this looks so amazing!

I even know this mill, I’m from Essen too :wink:

maybe more work with water… on reference picture look it little different :wink:


put this in the gallery!

This is really good work with the textures. Not very high poly, good maps - exactly the kind of stuff that will render awesomely in something like Octane. Please show us an Octane render. I am sure it will turn out great.

A beautiful image, I admire both the lighting of the scene and the excellent texturing of the buildings; the image is realistically flawed because of the foreground trees situated on both the left and right of the image. These trees appear two-dimensional and without sufficient texturing and illumination, if these flaws are corrected I believe that the result will be a very realistic render.

Amazing work… Congrats on making it to the gallery. :smiley:

Nice but maybe finer ripples on the water would give a bigger sense of scale. Plus the lighting appears a little flat. I can’t see the trees that well.

:eek: Wow, that is amazing. This is my favorite blender image so far in the gallery. Congrats for getting into the gallery.

I just about passed over this render mistaking it for someone spamming a photo for attention. It wasn’t until I clicked and viewed it larger I could tell it was cg. Terrific job, great stuff, I could see that as a cover for an architectural magazine.

Great image! Congrats …