Horus chapter16

(Shige) #1

Hi all,

I uploaded chapter16. You can download the mp4 file(320*240pixels:needs QuickTime6) from,


or, if you have flash6 plug-in there are swf file(240*180pixels)


and click ‘Laboratory’.

– Shige

(paradox) #2

Excellent. I love this series. Your work is great , modeling, effects, texturing, lighting, compostion. This one seemed to be released quicker too. Keep up the good work.

(ec2) #3

The work posted on your site is some of the best I’ve seen on the web. Very inspiring. I love the images in the ‘Works’ gallery. Great style and technique.

(VelikM) #4

Inspiring, as always.

(Bapsis) #5

Heya Shige,

Great work, as always!!! :wink: This has got to be one of the longest running Blender projects that iv seen, correct me if im wrong ppl!!! :wink:

How long have you been working on Horus now, at least a year anyway by reckoning!!! Now thatz dedication. :slight_smile:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Shige) #6

The date of first chapter avi file is,2001.2.26.
So, I’m working on 1 and half years. It’s very long project for me, but the goal will come soon. :smiley:

– Shige

(stephen2002) #7

I can’t seem to get the videos to download properly :frowning:

What format is this stuff encoded in!?

If you have some .avi versions, I can host them for you if you want.

(Shige) #8

Sorry for inconvenient. :frowning:
If you use windows or Mac, please get QuickTime6 or Flash6 plugin.
I think QT is better for seeing, please download .mp4 file.

– Shige