Horus DVD

I just received the Eye of Horus DVD by Shige. See here for his post

and here for his site.


This is the first time I have seen all of the Eye of Horus project and it was dubbed in English. I loved it.

The main reason I’m posting this is I wanted to say that I think Shige is truely a Blender Master and his vision and imagination is fantastic.


I couldn’t agree with you more! I really admire Shige in that he had the patience to finish Horus after at least 2 years of work. I am a big fan of his work and I find his vision inspiring. He IS the original Blender master!
Plus, he has always supported me by supplying prizes for the Blender F1 Challenge. For that, I owe him many thanks!

Yea that movie is awesome!

He’s truly awesome to have work during all that time on this movie and it was worth it! It’s awesome :smiley:

The whole work is very nice, the only bad thing is the poor quality of the DVD image. I don’t know if he converted the anim from another resolution or don’t render at DVD specifications, but the quality is not DVD quality.


I’d love to have someone knowing how to make a DVD at top quality
write a tutorial for Blender Open Content Documentation
wink wink



but the quality is not DVD quality.

I made a re-editied movie of HORUS. It’s very short version(1min.50sec.), no voice, with easy music.
The resolution are 720*480pixels(Of course I re-rendered this size!).

I’ll send to anyone who bought my DVD. Of course this is my gift so shipping fee is nothing.
Please enjoy it.


– Shige

And writing a tutorial?


Thank you very much! :smiley:

To S68:
I haven’t time to make a tutorial, but here: http://www.dvdrhelp.com/ you can find many more than a tutorial.

Great link, Caronte. Thanks!

I have Shige’s Kara book, and as art goes, it’s one of my favorites. Shige comes across as an artist that exudes a sense of understated excellence. I find his work to be a great source of enjoyment and inspiration.

how can one buy horus dvd?


Basse wrote:

how can one buy horus dvd?

Check the first post of this thread, the first link I gave goes to shige’s post which tells how to order his DVD.

paypal… :frowning: I dont have a credit card so that’s that then.

thanks anyways.


Oh! I love shiges work! it’s so… fantasticly blender done and overly inspirating! oh boy, i will steal some funky credit card and buy the dvd as soon as i can! :smiley:

(maybe not steal, but politely ask for… :slight_smile: )