Hospital (silent hill, part1)

Tipe: .blend (autostart)
Size: 1.25 Mb -> 9 Mb
Archive .rar

Link for guests (in .EXE):
size: 2.50 Mb.

Thank :stuck_out_tongue:

The game is unplayablefor me for these resons:

You can fly

The mousescript is not very good (it tilts)

There are some overlapping faces

The camera is zoomed in too much

But other than that it’s kinda cool.

This has potential. I really like the atmosphere and esthetics. The sounds are good, but annoying after a while. The mouse script needs to be fixed in a major way though!!! This is the biggest downfall! Also, increase the rate of speed for walking - too slow… Also, the textures need to be made seamless and mixed up a bit, perhaps with some shadows using vertex painting. Other than those few issues, it’s looking pretty tight as a prototype! FIX THE MOUSE FIRST!!! Without working controls, this will never go anywhere! Keep it up!!!


Also, it’s better to use scene overlay for the words, 'cause they get cut off by the floor when looking down otherwise.