Hospital Stretcher

(Goo) #1

Here’s a hospital stretcher I’m working on for an animation. I’m shooting for realism so I’d really appreciate some advice/critisism.


(Skates) #2

Nice, looks very proper. Doesn’t look “off” in any way but could use some bump texture on the vynil (sp) part of the stretcher, the cushion. Overall very good.

(S68) #3

Yup, really cool :slight_smile:


(stephen2002) #4

I’ve never actually seen a real hospital strecher, but the only thing that looks wrong to me is that the pad where the person would go looks like it is plastic. In a real one, it might be plastic, but I guess it is always covered with a person or a sheet when you seen one.

Ohter than that, it looks fine.

(blenderanim) #5

The covers on the wheels are excellent. You might want to put some sort of wrinkles or creases on the pad.

(blengine) #6

really nice job, especially on the wheels… its looking real

(valarking) #7

very real