Hosting Animations

Where can I host animations?

Do I have to create my own web page to do it?

Thank you!

you’re going to have to get webspace and adequate bandwith. If you wan’t consistent service, your going to have to shell out cash. Your ISP may provide you with some space that you may be able to use for small animations.

You don’t need a web page so much as webspace. If you do have a webpage, then use some of the space you get for that (just make sure you have enough bandwidth.

I would first talk to your ISP and see how much they give you. If it’s not adequate then you’re probably going to have to buy space somewhere.

Some altruistic people may agree to host some of your anims for you, but its better and easier to find your own space IMO

I guess you could use g-
shoot, can’t say it out loud. geocities, alot of people here vehemently hate it though (for good reason IMO) sooo…

not sure if that was helpful, sorry. Comcast (my ISP) gives me enough space to host most of my small anims so I never had to look for something else.

well depending on the size of it, you could ask a user here called “bobthevirus”

since it is nearing the end of his month, and he should ahve about 4 Gb of bandwidth left.

that offer might only be on the tables this month though.
you’d need to ask him.

unfortunatly my bandwidth is all run out almost.


yip, I can host anims, but be warned that they could be deleted at any stage… Well, of course I’d warn you and give you a chance to move things first… At some stage I might set up a torrent tracker, but in the meantime, how big is it?

[edit] Actually, anyone wanting to host small animations for limited (less than 1 month) periods should email me [email protected] dot net dot nz, or msn [email protected] dot com, or icq 43202406