Hot air balloon help!

I started this an hour ago or so. It doesn’t need to be very detailed since it’s going to be far away from the camera and hit with some DOF. I mainly need help texturing it, because everytime I try it looks like crap. I tried just using solid colors in the materials and turning down the specularity but it looks so bad. Any ideas? And anyone know any good lighting setups I can use? I need it to be a clear sunny day (early afternoonish). Thanks in advance!

Edit: I’m using blender internal for this.

It looks like all the tacky balloons that pop up in a google search…maybe make it a little duller, a bit less perfect. A bit of dirt here and there, duller patches of color etc. That’s all I can think of.

I would suggest setting up the render scene. Put placeholders in the scene and get everything scaled and placed where you would like. It would be easier to suggest what lever of detail is necessary when this is done.

On another note: There was a recent entry in the Blender Guru’s “Saying Goodbye” competition. It has a hot air balloon in the scene. You might find some good ideas on that thread. It’s probably a few pages back in WIP.