Hot Air Balloon: Updated

UPDATE: 09-13-02
I made the changes to the balloon (all but the lighting.)

C&C welcomed

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Looking cool, like the burner/fire cool touch
Light needs work makes it look flat
And the basket looks like a cube, add nor to mesh and bevel the cube a little. :o

other than what roger said, looks pretty good =) is there going to be an operator someday or is this a rogue balloon? :wink:

Looks good Atariman.

However, I don’t think the bump map on the balloon material looks realistic… Balloons generally seem to be made out of strips of cloth…

Oh, perhaps bevel the edges of the basket?

Still, nice work! Even better with these additions!



Yes, but bumpmapping is not enought, IMHO, you should model 1 slice and then SpinDupit…


Wow, thanks for all the good advice. I do plan on having an operator some day. I’m currently working on Homer Simpson, who just may be the man for the job. Maybe I will have him hanging from the balloon eating a donut or maybe drinking some Duff bear. I made changes to the balloon and basket. I am working on the lighting. Once again thanks for the advice. Please keep it coming.

PS: What is IMHO?

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