Hot Dog (food in 3D)

I had some client that needed a 360 degree photo of a yummy hot-dog, the people that visited our ad-bureau, could not tell the difference, of course - you can… but the laymen couldn’t! Try googling for 3D food…you won’t find many…and it’s not as easy as you may think…try it yourself, oh well…it worked out, could be better, but it worked…

What do you think?

damn that’s in 3D? That’s hella good!

Modeling around bun looks to sharp. Modeling of condiments looks to tubey. Texturing on condiments doesn’t look as good as the rest. Texturing on hot dog and bun look really good to me. Good work!

I think it’s really excellent. The bread does look sort of razor-sharp, but to replicate the variegated, crenelated, foam-y edge of bread is tough. You could fake it with some SSS or something.

The mustard lacks that liquid-y residue that mustard exudes once you pour it. Otherwise, this is damn good. Nice job.

The hot-dog is fantastic, but the bun (you can see it’s just slight bumpmapping on a photo), the ketchup and the mustard could use some work.

Anyway, amazing work, I know myself how hard it is to make 3d food from my last project.

Epic scene!

Thank you for your comments, yes - food is difficult, in fact…that’s why I took it as a challenge, and it worked, the people stopping by said stuff like “what?! That’s 3D?” :wink: of course…you guys work with 3d so you see it straight away, but the laymen doesn’t :wink:

Really realistic. I don’t want to eat it like that, but the result is really good.

awesome, client pressbyrån maybe? :smiley: look like their ads in the subway.

Thanks, well it wasn’t Pressbyraan, but I don’t reveal our clients for NDA resons (but I wanted to) :smiley:

At least, at this company where I work, they’re nice enough to let me publish in here what I do, in the previous company…I wasn’t allowed to show anything…which made it real hard to seek new work…and for that reason alone - I really LOVE working at my new company, people here are fair and nice.

wow, that hot dog actually looks edible

To me the most important thing in food, CGI or not, is if it’s tasty.

And this hot dog looks delicious!

I like it very much. It actually inspired me to model some fast food myself.

Thanks for the comments.

(btw: I was totally surprised to see that it was featured on, again…thanks for all of your comments, and sorry for not answering all the comments on Blendernation…I simply didn’t know it was featured there.