Hot embers inside : animation

Hi everybody !

It’s my first post here. It’s a result of one of my simulation with my addon Molecular during some test for the Uv’s features I implemented now. Not the best image a made but I find this sim’s with some potential so I push it a bit further in one hours or two:

In addition , the entire video:

Wow, this looks incredible! I would love to see an animation of this simulation!

How does this work? Are you texturing the actual particles/objects? I will check out your blog to learn more!

Thanks a lot James !
look less contrated on my monitor at home :frowning:

I upload the video and add it in the first post. Avaible in 720p

Yea… really cool… I keep looking at this add on, and everything I’ve seen I like, but tell us a little about render times. Just curious, did you use emmission material particles?

Yes the setup it really simple. With my new UV implements , you have the info of the distance between the particle and the surface of the emmitter geometry ( and you have the UV of this last ). So with that info I can control the mix of two shader … one Diffuse and the other a emission. Render time is about 8min per frame … not too long but a lot of noise stay visible because of the high number of little particles emittings lights. Hope to see adaptative sampling in cycles soon. You have some info in the description of the video too.