Hot Key Conflict

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I’m sure you already know this but I have a lot of addons and Bagapie is in competition with Sync Modifiers with the hot key J. Sync Modifiers always displays so I had to change Bagapie to “Shift =” to get the pie menu.

Maybe I’ll change Sync Modifiers instead since I use Bagapie more often.

Either way, it’s getting harder to keep track of the changes in hot keys needed because of conflicts.


It is not conceivable for me to change the shortcut. Even if I wanted to, there are 80,000 versions of BagaPie downloaded, that would be a big change.

But, for various reasons several people have already asked to be able to customize the shortcut.
So I think it will be one of the features of the next version of BagaPie.

It’s difficult to find hot keys that aren’t used in Blender’s hundreds of hot key combinations unless you use the developer’s “Find Key” or just try unusual combinations that don’t seem to be in competition to other addons.

Completely understand that changing the J hot key would effect tens of thousands of Bagapie users—which is a fantastic addon and just mind boggling why you give it away for free while addons that have far less capabilities on Blendermarket charge a price. God bless you for your generosity.

Yours is one of the most encompassing too addons for Blender.

May God or your religion give you blessings in your life as He has with me.

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I know how hard combat is and I know how challenging coding is. Please keep up the good work. The next download I’ll contribute a sizeable contribution.

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