Hot keys to views in Publisher

Did I lose my mind or did all the hot keys change for changing views in the 3D window? I was using v2.23 and

1=front view shft+1=back view
3=side view shft+3=other side view
7=top view shft+1=bottom view

In Publisher I seem to be getting

1=bottom view shft+1=top view
3=back view shft+3=front view
7=side view shft+1=other side view

I feel like I’m building everthing upside down and caddywampus.

Is the anyway to change key assignments?

Ok, I just checked to be sure of what I was about to say.

first, it’s Ctrl, not Shift that triggers the opposite views.

second, both 2.23 and 2.25 use 7 for top view (Z axis), 1 for front view (-Y axis) and 3 for side view (X axis), so I really don’t understand what your problem can be.


When I fire up 2.25 I have the same problem.

Default view is front, numpad 1, so why does the tab at the bottom of the 3d window tell us were in top view. Something wrong I think.

Ah , yes, I remember that bug now. The view buttons is broken in 2.25, so it will not display the correct information.


Thank you so much, I thought I was losing my mind, I’ll just have to remember what I last chose to look at and disregard the icon. No wonder I was so confused.

theeth: I have always used shift, I’ll try control and see what happens. Thanks for all your help.