hot metal

If you’ve had a cold day, here’s a scene to warm you up.


Nice job! I really like the way the metal looks! It looks like it could… burn… me… o_O

Thanks Saxofoner91.

Looking nice. One advice (for the next time, since this is already finished); you might give the metal a bit more of a red color where it is being touched by the grip. This would make it more realistic.

Simple but nice.

You should try to give the metal a texture (both grip and bar), for more photorealism.

Thanks for the feedback, and to MassTA for setting me straight on emit in yafray (in a different topic). You learn something new every day with blender.

Link? (just to make it easier for those of us learners who’re too lazy to search for this %| )

mzungu: it was here:

MassTA was just pointing out the EmitPwr slider in the yafray render settings.

The reflections at the bottom are very nice. You should try out the sequence editor’s glow effect on this pic!

Thanks for the tip yu_wang. The sequence editor is great, I’ve never looked there before. Here is the glowing hot metal:


Could you post a .blend file for that? I really would like to get my hands on that texture! :wink:

Gimli: we can’t add .blend files as attachments, and I don’t have anywhere to post it, but here are the material settings.

Water material:

  • wood texture, band noise, soft noise, noise size 0.15, turbulence 8.0, mapped to nor
  • material settings grey color, ref 1.0, spec 0.2, hard 50, ray mirror 0.03, fresnel offset 2.93

Metal material:

  • blend texture, sphere, colorband from orange to red, map input nor, map to color
  • clouds texture, hard noise, noise size 0.35, noise depth 4, map to color and emit with a red-orange color
  • material settings orange color, ref 0, emit 0.45

Then in the yafray settings either turn exposure up to 10 or turn EmitPwr up to about 20

I hope that helps.

Thanks allot gozeman! :smiley: O so the trick is using Yafray! I haven’t ever used Yafray, so I really should to install it and try to figure it out :wink:


i think the metal looks great, but perhaps you could place in an effect that would make it look like the hot metal was turning the water to steam :stuck_out_tongue: