Hot Pixel Removal

Cycles leaves some artifacts when rendering. These little random white dots really make an image look bad. How can I get rid of them? I have After Effects (trial) and NUKE (trial). Also it should be automatic. I am not really up for rendering the same thing again with a different seed though. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks You,

If you’re not prepared to render again and depending on the severity of the fireflies they can be taken out in something like photoshops filters (or other image editor).
The level of fireflies depends on your scene, lights, material. In some circumstances the new clamp value in the integrator panel should help.

thank you. Did you not once have another image? I liked that on a lot.

hi larmannjan, you can try out my pixel remover node group. it works quite ok. It’s still a mess right now, but it basically searchs for bright pixels and try to isolate Pixels which differ a lot from sourrounding pixels. I’ve never tested it for animation but it’s worth a try.

The Main Setting is Level which usually should be high, start by 0.9 and increase till hot pixels appear. that’s it. (for now, there are more settings inside - but messy :wink:

The new clamp setting in the integrator panel is awesome. Seems to remove a lot of fireflies.

Also, I’ve been using it with the HDR panos I’ve created recently, which were producing a ridiculous amount of fireflies in cycles. But with clamp, I can hardly see any fireflies at all. It is also introducing less exposure into the HDR environment map, which makes them a bit more clear