Hot questions!

I’m so excited for this great software, i’m asking these things anyway:

1)Is blender free to use and create commercial games?
2)Can i create just models (object) inside it and set some property as bounding box, sound property, gravity and so on and export .x file to use in my DirectX/c++ game?



GNU GPL is quite clear on this…

Of course!

Provided you write your own .x exporter :slight_smile:

Happy blending


i’m movieng the first steps on game programming.
I don’t know how create a .x exporter for blender, can you give me some advices?

I read a discussion some time ago - when you make a game with the blender gameengine and export it as an executable there may be problems putting the result under another license - because the executable-code is covered by blenders license.

Don’t know what was the result of the discussion - but maybe you have to take this into consideration. However, the artwork itself is your work and you can do whatever you want with it (putting models you made with blender in a commercial game for example)

Thats as far as I know (but I’m not a lawyer and I can’t give any guarantees that everything is correct)

What’s wrong with using the .x exporter shipped with blender?

As a rule of thumb, if you use blender to make it, it’s still yours to do with as you wish. If the finished product however contains any of blender’s code then it must be GPL. Same applies to any other GPL program.

Then use default .x exporter (or modified one from Irrlicht SDK ( )) Don’t bother with bounding boxes, gravity, etc. export. Export just the “lowest common denominator” every 3D program should support (mesh,UV map and rig), and recalculate everything else in your application, it would be both simplier for things like gravity and more useful (what if halfway through project you’ll find someone wanting to do models for you… in, say MAX or whatever else? )

And yes, if the product you distribute contains no Blender code you are not restricted in any way.

I tell that:
to create a game i need to create the world and the object inside it, the enemy and the player, i export all these separatly and in .x file.
I could load the world in my c++/directx and set some value for the sound floor, bounding boxes for collisions and some property for the doors. Now i could load the objects and make it another time… and so on.
Now it could simplest if i use a level editor that load meshes or .x file and set all property for everyone of these.
It is the first time for me, and someone has told me to use blender as level editor.
But i think belender is just a 3d software as 3dsmax or a game editor (develop a complete and working game) not just a level editor.
So i need another software for that.
Does exist one free to use also for commercial games?


Well, you can use Blender for level editing, it was used like that, (as was MAX) but i’d sooner ask specifics on some game developers board, not here. Here are mostly non-realtime rendering people. :slight_smile:

As for other software you may try DeleD (not sure if free ver. is ok for developing commercical content) and GMax (don’t use game packs, - their licenseas are more restrictive than one of the GMax itself) or GameSpace (if you can live with 650 poly limit :slight_smile: )

i’ve just gmax.
Do you know some tutorial about creating game levels with gmax…
yes i’m out but you can answer me by pm, if you want.
Thanks to all!