hot rod body, continued

(scrappy) #1

since last post i added the roof,windshield, some more chrome, updated the envmap on the headers to get some of the body color, oh…yea and also made the car red, i may attempt to 2-tone it, black top, red bottom, and flames in between :), but im not very good with UV mapping

(BgDM) #2

All I can say is beautiful!

This is fantastic work there scrappy! Keep it coming.


(rogerm3d) #3

Looks nice.
only problem is the height of the car. distance of whole car to bottom of
windows looks way too large to me. Maybe bring front window start level
down to top of air filter. Just an idea :wink:
Cant wait to see it done. :stuck_out_tongue:

(shibbydude) #4

Nice engine detailwork! Are those “real” envmaps? If so good job. If you want me to look at or comment on any more of your post then you gotta get hosted with someone who allows offsite linking cause I’m tired of cut-and-paste. Otherwise, I admire your attention to details.

(scrappy) #5

shibbydude, just drag and drop the url to your address bar, i think it works like that, and do u know of any free hosts that allow offsite links, i would like to change.

(shibbydude) #6

Cool tip. If you go to and go to something like free web space and browse you can find some.

(scrappy) #7

shibbydude, u wont have to copy/paste anymore, on the “hot rod update 2” i put the image on a .html page, and your are able to just click now :smiley: