Hot Rod "Complete"

(scrappy) #1

i just finished my first version of the Hot Rod, i would still like to two-tone it, black and red. i put an envmap on the body of the car but im not to happy with it, but i guess it looks ok, anybody have any ideas or upgrades i can do to the car?

(Haunted-House) #2

Hey nice job!
I think the front grill looks a little uneven,
Give the colorband a white color slider for a better shine.

(ZoltarX) #3

Nice. I like the motor!

Maybe add some door handles?


(LohnS) #4

very cool =D. love the texturing

(macke) #5

Glad to hear it.

Looks nice, utterly boring when put out of context like that I think. But then again, I think this was mainly a learning piece perhaps? Still though, it looks good. It has that soft, lack of detail (especially in reflections) patented blender look. But that’s hard to get away from. Also, many edges could use some beveling, since they are to hard, at least for my taste.

Why post it here then, and not in the WIP forum? If you plan on continuing, it’s not finished, is it? ;o)

(CurtisS) #6

Your image is just screaming for a cool environment! Try putting it on a deserted road on a starry night ready for a late night drag race. Don’t forget to add some reflections on the body and chrome.

Nice work!

(belac) #7

nice, env maps are definately needed! and no door handles, hot rods don’t need them.