hot rod, continued 2

(scrappy) #1

ok, now i put the picture on a page, so that u may not have to copy/paste, added a little more to the front end, wheels, and yes i will do a complete disk brake setup, and front suspension, i think im gonna stretch the car out lengthwise because it looks to high. anymore suggestions welcome oh yea, and the chrome on the rims is just temp. i will make something better. ;), i will start putting updates all on this string, so for updates look here :wink:

(BgDM) #2

Looking way too good there scrappy! Keep up the nice work.

For the chrome, you can use an image texture with the REF button pressed for maping and set it up the same way as the envmap. looks pretty much the same and doesn’t take as long to render.

Also, maybe you could just add these updates to your current thread. Starting a new thread every time gets to be a little much. Just a suggestion.

Can’t wait to see some more.


PS: Forgot to ask, are you gonna do an envmap on the body when done to make it all nice and shiny? :wink:

(pofo) #3

please, please, please put your images on a page. I just hate having to try to work around these linking problems. Often copy/paste works, but when it doesn’t I usually just don’t bother. So you’ll get more people looking at your work, and thus more comments, if you put it on a page :wink:

Saw the last update though and it looked very good.

  1. pofo

(scrappy) #4

BgDM, i am going to envmap the body, but that will probably be last

(scrappy) #5

oh yea, almost forgot, im thinking about changing the boring old style air cleaner/carb setup, to a Tuned Port Injection system, please comment on that because i wont do it if it will destroy the image :wink:

(pofo) #6

Don’t know much about engines so I don’t really know what you’re talking about. I do like the engine very much the way it looks now.

It looks a bit strange with the exhaust pipe just sticking out underneath like that, but again I’m no car expert.

Excellent tyres! The back one looks like it fits a little tightly though.

Overall I like it very much.

  1. pofo

(scrappy) #7

ok i went and put the TPI system on it, and i think it brings out the hot rodding idea, new tech, old style,also the reason im going with 4 wheel disk brakes :smiley:

(Dittohead) #8

Sweet!!! 8)
One thing though: where the door and body intersect with the running boards looks rather synthetic.

(valarking) #9

looking good, needs an env map

(scrappy) #10

the hot rod is complete, go to finished projects to post a reply and view the pic :smiley: