Hot Rod...well not yet

(scrappy) #1

this is just the powerplant to a hot rod im building, i haven’t modeled any body part for the car yet, thought i may start tonight :smiley:

(PILER) #2

nice… real nice =) i love the chrome, the only thing id say is subsurf the headers and put some chrome on them then it will rock.

(scrappy) #3

cool…will do

(BgDM) #4

nicely done there scrappy! as Piler said, fix the headers for sure. also, don’t the plugs go into the manifold above the headers? get some belts and and alternator on it, and you have a winner.


(shibbydude) #5

For a second I thought you plaigerized this picture on the rhino site. It looks nice, but that one is better:
I wish I owned Rhino.