Hot Rod

just finished a new hot rod…


“i dream in mesh”

Ah, man - that is so f’ing sweeeeeet…

You’ve beautifully captured the curves and lines to the form of the car.

Man, I so want to go to Arnold’s Drive-In and rev the engine on that bad boy… let the exhaust blow the skating waitress’s skirt askew… :wink:

Kudos to the wonderful mastery of the material settings… the paintjob on the car is so good… like thick,thick,thick paint, glossy… just shining and glowing… a deep sea of color.

Just amazing… hope we’ll see more of your work.

:wink: Jason


really nice! I like it


Very nice indeed! :smiley:

Something is bugging me about the headlights though. Not quite sure what it is. Just doesn’t look right for some reason.

the headlights were hard to fit onto the car so i custom fit them to the contour of the front end… they look strange becasue they aren’t traditional headlight on this style of car… if you saw the taillights you would see the ‘futuristic’ theme that is held in them… thanx for your comment, and i believe that this reasoning may account for them and justify my design.


It’s very nice indeed, but do I see something wrong? The grid is the same color as the car, you really should make it black or silver like.
But still it’s a very cool car!