Hot teacher

Or is she?

And here is side and front views:

Excellent modelling and lighting.
Makes me think about Beetlejuice, don’t know why.
I love it :slight_smile:

Poju, Great character. You are getting good at this style of character.
Keep it up I love looking at the new things you come up with.

Awesome modelling :D.
But I must admit, when you said “Hot teacher” in the topic and then finally loading, i ended up calling you a tricky bastard :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: .

[DISCLAIMER: Due to past misunderstandings, I hereby state that any material stated in this post that may seem offensive, is simply not meant to offend. Neither is it meant to make anyone choke on a pretzel, but thats another story.]

wow, she IS hot.



Awesome model/texture/lightning/everything!



YAY !!

hey, very fun and good work !!

nice that you have some character profile :wink:

she would look awesome animated. I can see her taking really fast, mincing bow-legged tip-toe-y steps
nice cloth textures, and excellent character.

great character! shes perfect, hot in her own way, but detailed and nice looking =)
the only thing i dont like is how her ears extrude out like that =\

garbager: Thanks, i think it’s those cloths :slight_smile:

paradox: Eaven if there isn’t anybody else than you looking my lame artwork, i keep postig them, just for you :smiley:

RISKBREAKER: Thanks, ill take that compliment :slight_smile:

basse: She is indeed, isn’t she :smiley:

S68: And she is still a wip. Well it seems that i get rather easily to this point, but suddenly things get harder. Ill keep working.

ztonzy: Thanks, i thnk i need to twea that profile a bit so it gets little more “form”.

slikdigit: Just say so and ill post model for you when it’s done. Modeling is so fun and my pc is so slow, no animation from me.
Textures, well tose are just prodesurals, i really shoulg get involved in UV.

imgranpaboy: Thanks, i tweked tose ears little and hide rest hope u like it better. Ill ad some more details for her, nothing biggy, just some wrinkles and stuff, but i’m glad u liked it eaven for now.

Here is update for u folks, it migth take time untill next one, ill head up for north for holidays.


kix ass, but shes NOT hot!!! :x

if you’re not nice, then at least be honest, because of you my dick has shrunk to the size of a bean… :wink:

Nice modeling and redering, but I prefer the first image. You should work more in the hair and add some more details in the face so it would be perfect (and some textures of course).

Nice job