Hotel 42: "They are still in there"

Here is my latest work tht i had been working on for quite some time now. The idea was to make it tell a story. The period is supposed be 1942. The building is inspired by a hotel in london. The car is a citroen traction avant. Visit this link to see studio shots of the car i posted in another thread a few days back:

Done entirely in blender with the BI renderer, render time about two hours. Some post processing and color correction done later. The work is mostly final unless ofcourse some major glitches are pointed out that must be corrected. Please give ur crits and comments. Thank you.

It looks very good, but the house seems to be in a brighter place than the sky.

good work , but

It looks very good, but the house seems to be in a brighter place than the sky.

exactly , … and you have to do some care with the windows and door outline .

aright, it was prolly due to the glow effect tht i had added. I think its gone now, and looks more credible…wot say? or will i have to go for another render?

(btw, totally offtopic but i guess i should tell nonetheless…a game reviewer once was so awed by the smoke fx in CoD 2 that he thought it looked ‘incredible’…now which cg artist aiming at realism would want tht verdict for his work? go figure.)

I don’t see any picture at all now.

its hosted on geocities and might have some band width issues…just give it some time, it should :frowning:

Agreed. The car model looks very nice though… very nice.

Ah, now I see it. It’s perfect! :^)

the car looks real…is it?

Looks good- a few criticisms;
the car looks the wrong scale to the house. If you scale down the bricks, the blinds and the door handles I think it will improve it a great deal.

i see the hotel like an architectural miniature made of boards but i agree the car looks realistic.

why cardboard box? i thought i had put enough detail in the building: the bricks are modelled with array modifier, so are the roof shingles and the drain pipes and almost everything else. Can u be a bit more specific as to why it looks cardboardish…i would love to change it to look more realistic. I guess with so many crits, i will have take it to another render anyway, so why not put in more effort to achieve photorealism…please let the crits flow…i love it.

it doesnt have textures, that is why it looks cardboardish to me.

Great image!
PERFECT to me… :wink:

WOW! nice car…i agree with all of them though the house needs more textures

I would render it with two-point perspective…see Render section of wiki on Perspective rendering.

/end wiki plug