Hotel Exterior

Hello all,

Finished a very short project last week and just wanted to show everyone and see what you guys think about it. I was really wanting to render it out using Octane but I needed the render to be extremely large 9792px by 7344px(I know weird dimensions) the scene crashes in octane. The render took 4 hours to render out using blender internal. The client was happy with the outcome so that makes me happy.

Thank for viewing and even more thanks for commenting.:smiley:

Nice! You could tweak more the lighting and set AO on… But sure, render time would have increased enormously… Did you tried it?
However I like the overall composition, it’s the example that something can work (and, better, be sold :slight_smile: ) without wasting too many details…
Did you made a Cycle test? You should really try

I’m back with some more renders on this project. The Client came back to me and asked for a few more changes with the lighting and some extra modelling details oh yes and plus another perspective. Let me know if you think the render is better then the first posted render. If you would like to see more on this project please go visit my website, it has more detail about the project.

@Gionavvi, I only downloaded Cycles today so will mess around with it for awhile and see if I want to spend some time doing an architectural project on it. I do have Octane and I am extremely happy with using my 2x 570GTX for rendering instead of my i7, much faster.