Hotel room WIP

Looking for genuine advise on how to improve this scene. I think I’ve got it 90% there I’m just not sure on how to improve on this

Beds are a bought Asset from Blender market

Textures from

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At first glance:

  • Bevel on sharp edges

  • Softer shadows, especially the shadow from the desk on the floor. If you use a point light or IES, make the size bigger in the properties panel.

  • Use blackbody for the lights which makes you sure that the colour of the lights are natural. around 5000 or 6000.

  • What is that black board or curtain in besides/ infront of the window? Could use some variation in texture. Looks like pure black?

  • If appropiate; make things less sterile by, for example: displacement, normal maps, bumpmaps, randomize verts.

That’s all I can think of for now.

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Futher tweaked Materials and added IES lighting

Impressive work.

I like the shader of the blue satin on the bed. How did you do that?
In the last picture which looks better than the first one, I don’t know what I see. Maybe the lights are a bit to strong, or you didn’t use filmic, or the lights are to white?

  • Use filmic (and greycard, calibrate with false colour)
  • Use blackbody
  • Especially light in the left top corner is quite strong?

Change the curtains, because they look too unrealistic (almost ruining your work). And I like more lighting from the second picture.

I’ve actually finished this one now see here: