Hotel's Room

Hi to All.
One of my last works.
Lighting with hdri.
2000 px with 1500 samples, 40 min for each frame.

C&C are welcome.


Once again awesome work,

You’re too king @BuildJordon!
Tnx a lot!

amazing work !!!

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I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Very good work!

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Tnx a lot bartv!! I’m grateful!

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Tnx a lot @Apofis!

Really nice renders.

I love the small details you added like the camera and clothing.
Really adds up to the mood.
Also the compositions work really well.
Not sure if the rails in the furniture aren’t a bit too thin though.

Keep blending
Jarek D(DJ)

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Hi DJ!
Thank you so much for this your feedback.
The rail seems thin even to me, but I followed the directions of the designer.
Even the bed before was much nicer, with blanket and duvet, and the details were created with light and shadow … but the architect wanted a more sober bed … :roll_eyes:

Hi guys!
I tried to use Eevee on this job, I made the transition of settings from Cycles to Eevee …
Surely it can be improved, I have recently been using version 2.80.
This is the result.

**hello everyone, I’m the architect of the project and this guy is a fantastic rendering boy. fast and precise **

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Hi there

I teach interior design and would love to chat with you and get your I put / views about how blender as a tool produced the archviz you needed.

Would you mind?

[email protected] or [email protected]


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Hi @cekuhnen
If You want to chat about the project, Shanti is the mind of the project.
If You need some information about Blender scene and the images I’m the Visualizer.
The mind and the arm… :grin:

Hi there

I would like to chat with shanti the architect just to see his views as an architect and how Blender can be used - think about it as a story to tell my students why they ask about blender and not vray or enscaoe to render.

Could you forward my contact to him?

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Yes, of course.