Hotkey Filter. Search the Hotkey Exist or Not. [Preferences Input Filter]

Default Filter for key_name and key_idname.
I just add a Search function for Hotkey to extend origin Filter.

That’s very useful for check whether The key is exist or not.

I made a gif animation to explain more details in Attachments Or
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Before replace
x:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\blender 2.6\2.66\scripts\startup\bl_ui\
backup it Please.
After replace. Blender should be Restarted.

Download in attachments:


:: parameter 参数 ::


“:” :

if “:” in filter_text, define the Origin Filter for name/idname.

else define a Hotkey Filter.

eg - “:save” can return any name contains “save” as Origin Filter did.

z":" 存在,使用以前的名称过滤器


z犯列 - “:save” 返回任何名称包含"save"的,如以前的一样

" " :

if " " in filter_text, define a multiple-keys-hotkey [mixed-hotkey].

else filter_text is a single-hotkey name.

z" "存在,说明输入的是组合快捷键


“+expand” or “+e” :

if “+expand” or “+e” in filter_text, define a expansive with your key.

eg - “+e ace” can return “Spacebar” and “Back Space”.

eg - “+e nu” can return “Menu” and “Minus” and “Numpad”.

default OFF

z如 “+expand” 或 “+e” 存在,定义为输入字符的扩展的快捷键


“+mix” or “+m” :

if “+mix” or “+m” in filter_text, define a mixing filter use Origin Filter and Hotkey Filter both.

eg - “+m left” can return hotkey-"[" and hotkey-“Left Mouse” and “Left Arrow” and name-“Scroll Left”…

default OFF

z如 “+mix” or “+m” 存在,定义为混合搜索模式


addition :

mix-mode and expand-mode only for Hotkey Filter(default)

z混合模式与扩展模式 仅作用于 快捷键过滤(默认)

author :

[email protected] [ - ¤阳]



oh, thanks, this was indeed, a feature that we needed alot!

this should have been in Blender 2.5 from the start

very useful. Hopefully it gets into trunk next version.


Cool ! Thank you !

really useful addition, i hope this gets into trunk

Yes, this belong in trunk.

Thank you. This solution will save a lot of time :slight_smile:

haha I was just thinking about doing this.

I have read The page…haring/Release
If at least three bf-extensions supervisors agree, your extension gets promoted to Release.
Any one else can Help us to Move it into trunk or Tell me what should I do?

Please supervisors, agree! It would be very useful.



I spoke with Campbell and he agreed that this functionality should be in trunk. I don’t think he meant in “addon” form though. If you could make an actual patch for this functionality I would point it out to him to apply.

Thanks for your Good news.

I want to upload the on . but that Always returns Waring “ERROR
Missing Parameters”.

So. I attached here. [zip] (822 Bytes)

Awesome, thanks for the patch. Currently Blender is in “Bcon 4”. Which is feature freeze, bugfixing only. Campbell will apply the patch soon after release. So you can expect this change in 2.67.

I also added the patch to your link above for you.


Patch - v4 update.

(Finally. I can update into by myself. I do’t kown why my Firefox can’t do that.
When I use IE or Chrome everything is ok.)


BTW. If someone don’t know how to use Diff-file. Get replacement file
“[replacement v4].zip”. :slight_smile:

OK. Very well. Finally.

Happy Blend!

Remember we post this as original idea as the Feature request? Now you made it. Neat! That’s really useful. Thank you, Yang!

Yes. I remember That idea. But didn’t know how to Start.
Several days ago. Some thing has flashed in mine mind. So I do it myself. :stuck_out_tongue: