Hotkey for auto-smooth?



Tried right clicking (RMB) on it?

Sure. Can’t bind it… can’t even find it in Input…

Do you mean smooth shading or some sort of other smooth function (angles flatten, subdivide smooth , etc? )

RMB on most functions allow for adding shortcuts.

I think he’s asking for this:

Have to add it

Yeah, thought so, thanks a lot JA12!

What are the semantics (if thats the right word) for creating hotkeys like these (where there is not the option to do so…)

For instance, how would I toggle on/off Grid Floor?

Thank you so much.


Drag down the top header so you can see the info window, and the actual commands that blender is executing.
In wm.context_toggle the “Context Attribute” gets strung onto bpy.context. so in the case of the grid floor, bpy.context.space_data.show_floor gets trimmed down to just space_data.show_floor.

Ah cheers,

How would I know into which section should I add things?

Hmm… autosmooth hotkey does not work it seems… I guess there’s not an ‘interfacy’ kind of thing for it, like brush size and strength has

What you’re on about? Of course it fucking works. I’m not that stupid that I would go through the trouble of producing visuals for you and then not test it by pressing the key

Make sure it’s not conflicting with other keys. As far as I know, and my key config is way off the default, Q and the alt, ctrl, Q combinations aren’t used. Make sure your testing with an unused key. Use the search function to find conflicting keys. And expand the info window to watch what it’s trying to do.

EDIT: And JA12’s autosmooth absolutely does work. It’s what got me to really looking at this, and that’s how I figured out the grid thing.

Just read back over your post. Are you talking about the sculpt mode autosmooth? You mention brush size and strength??? So far all we’ve talked about is toggle(ON or OFF) settings. Brush size, strength and sculpt mode autosmooth are not items that can be set with a simple toggle. Are they?

A good example of why I made a tutorial on how to post clear support questions. With this kind of posts, others have to guess what the question is and what is meant. Such a waste of time. That’s alright, I’ve already radically cut down my posting to such threads, and I will know even better next time.

I knew there were context lines that could be used to change a value with two hotkeys (decrease/increase) but looks like they’ve made radial controls more accessible.

Could have a radial control for the autosmooth by copying radius or strength controls and switching the property at the end

Thanks JA12.

Take it easy JA, did not realise there’s another auto-smooth function within blender… therefore I did not specify that I meant auto-smooth within the Sculpt mode…