Hotkey for cycling between selectable objects?

Is there a hotkey for cycling between selectable objects in a scene?

I’m thinking about trying to create something that does this but I’m checking to see if anyone has already done something similar. Thanks in advance!


None that i can remember or know of. And I’ve been looking, mentioning here & there, hoping for years already. So, yes, please make it! (also to scroll, cycle in the Outliner, if possible) :relieved:
TIA, for your great idea and a noble goal.

can you elaborate

what do you want to do with this ?
all objects are normally selectable in viewport unless hidden or no selectable
and why do you need to cycles

don’t forget the only active one is the last selected object !

happy bl

With the collections now instead of the old limited layers it might get a little over complicated vs just making sure the workflow makes use of the collections. Especially when creating a scene with hundreds of objects in it. Might be useful though for less complicated scenes to just hotkey to another object. But is a hotkey really quicker than a mouse click?

new collections
are very powerful
can change name as you want
organize things much easier then in 2.79

think in terms of collections

happy bl