hotkey for "Textured Solid" in 2.57?

I often turn the “Textured Solid” box on and off while working in 3D (slows down the computer, but useful for aligning things with textures). I can’t find a hotkey for it anywhere. Does one exist? How would I set that up as a custom hotkey? Any help appreciated!

I’m not familiar with “textured solid” per se. But if you’re talking about the standard textured draw type it’s Alt Z . Hope that helps.

It was Shift+T in previous versions but it does not have a shortcut in 2.56. You would need to create a custom shortcut in user preferences.

Yes – I should have mentioned that it was Shift+T in 2.49. I want to make a custom hotkey, but I don’t know what the function is called (I can’t find anything called “Textured Solid” in the custom hotkeys stuff…). Do you know how to set up that particular hotkey?

@dlax: the textured solid checkbox is here, in the properties of the 3D window: