Hotkey Help: Hotkeys not working

Whenever I try to use the letter hotkeys (like X to delete, for example) it doesn’t work and changes the layers instead. Also, when I try to search for something in blender, when I press the letter keys they appear as numbers and no matter which ones i press it appears as 012345678901234567890123 ect. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Does it only happen in blender? Sounds like something messed up in your system. If it’s only blender, try and go to ‘File->Load Factory settings’ and see if that clears up the issue.

Yes its only in blender and thanks i’ll try that and see if it works.

Unfortunately that didn’t work, so I may just have to re-install blender :confused: Any other suggestions?

The “b” hotkey doesn’t do what it used to… It used to border select the vertices behind the vetices, so you could select an actual face of the cube when modeling for example… Does a new key do this?

Well, almost none of the shortcut keys work. I just keep having that same problem, It only changes the layer numbers. It must be a bug because the computer i’m using is pretty new, but idk :frowning: I have the older version of blender on my other computer and it works fine. I guess i’m the only one with this problem, but if anyone else has any suggestions i’m willing to take them