Hotkey, Macro, Shortcut or what ever for a multi command sequence

While in edit mode i would like to click on a vertex and then with a single click: move 3d pointer to that vertex, go into object mode and change gizmo to that 3d pointer. Possible (hope i got all the names of thing correct) ?

Im gonna model a room to real scale and this seams like the best way to place doorways, windows, desk, etc. I can base dimensions off the corner’s of the room and move around faster.



I haven’t tried it but you may want to have a look at this addon: Command Recorder by @Muthird :

BlenderArtist thread: CommandRecorder

Github page:

Youtube video:


Thanks so much for the links. Just skimmed threw them, gonna give it a shot when i get home. Never thought to use the word ‘record’ in my searchs.

Thanks again.

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@xan2622 Thanks again, took some effort, but this addon is exactly what i was looking for.

Had some issues installing this, but after i did it worked a treat.
Tried this on Blender 2.81.16

After downloading (any version) and installing it, the addon would not show up in Blenders addon List, after figuring out how to fix that, a few of the forks did not work, kept erroring out.

The final download which worked for me was from here (latest updated):

After installing the Addon i had to close Blender, goto the plugins folder, rename the Addon folder from ‘CommandRecorder2.8-master’ to ‘CommandRecorder’ (with out the ‘2.8-master’), restart blender and then enable. After that the ‘RivinHD’ forked version worked fine.

My breadcrumbs:
Through a comment (by ‘BUU Graphic’) in the video: lead me here: and that lead me to the RivinHD fork

Heres alitle walk through of CommandRecorder in use…