Hotkey Map

Not sure if everyone have seen this yet. It was added yesterday and I found it very useful:

Good stuff. I remember there used to be a program of this sort too. It showed you a standard keyboard and then the corresponding shortcuts when you clicked on a key. Wonder what happened to that.

That is really well done. I was working on something like this myself, but I think I can retire that now. :o

Well, that only leaves more time for blending, right? :wink:

Feel free to grab the SVG files and create ones for the numerous other modes,


Exactly :smiley:

Exactly what I was looking for…Big Thanks for posting this… :smiley:


That is very cool, I needed an updated one. Mine is several years old and no longer completely accurate. :smiley:

I also discovered it yesterday (though only one layout, now htere’s two!) and was impressed. There are still things missing and there may need to be more layouts to include them. I guess it’s a work in progress since some of what was missing yesterday is there now so I’ll be keeping an eye on it

Short missing list:

V - convert bezier control points (vector)
H - same as above
T - choose IPO type (in IPO window)

But this was only for Mesh- and Obj-mode…

great work, very useful

Excellent! Thanks for sharing. Some things I noticed were missing (only because I’ve been using them a lot lately) are:


They change the manipulator type to grab/rotate/scale, respectively. Useful for working in non-viewport coordinates. You can also use X/Y/Z and Shift+X/Y/Z to constrain movement after hitting G/R/S, but these shortcuts are nice if you’re doing the same type of manipulation repeatedly.

The only CTRL+ALT combo on the chart now is with RMB, which I didn’t know about before. That’ll really come in handy!

Great hot key map, thought the map is missing page up and down functions. When you are in Proportional editing “o” “g” for example. Page up and dawn changes area of the fall off area. Also did any one think that the hot key map resembles the periodic table?

The elements of blender lol.

thx ! I’m the crazy guy with too much free time (err, in fact not ) that did this. Too bad i have a azerty laptop so it’s not easy to find every hotkey
I’ll fix them, and make a armature-pose mode too :slight_smile:
If you want to do others like IP0, UV, etc… you’re welcome !!!

You can find the .svg files here if you want to modify them

What country is that from? Or did you turn it into a Dvorak keyboard?

So, should the blender-eshop sell stickers to put on your keyboards?

That would be a lot of stickers. I could see it being useful for the most used shortcuts, but those are the ones that are most used, and therefore most remembered.

What would be nice, is to have a flipbook of some sort that has the shortcut keys listed. Having a keyboard layout of shortcut keys is probably less effective than having a flipbook of shortcut keys used for each phase of your process; modeling shortcut keys, animation shortcut keys, texturing shortcut keys, etc.

I use the toolbox and other menus on the window headers to look for shortcut keys, so something that is similarly grouped would be nice.