Hotkey Operations Don't Match Toolbar

Am I the only one who goes crazy over the fact that an edit tool initiated by a hotkey works differently than the same tool initiated by the left hand toolbar?

For example, the Knife tool. If it initiate it using the K hotkey, then hit C then Z, I get a nice knife that cuts thru at 45 degree increments.

However, if I initiate it with the knife in the tool bar, then hit C then Z, it enables the Knife, then the Circle select tool. WHAT?? Instead, you have to first hit the left mouse button, then hit C and Z. Geesh.

And loop cuts. If I hit CTRL-R, then hover the mouse over the mesh, then scroll the mouse wheel, it increases the number of loop cuts. But if I initiate the loop cuts from the tool bar, the mouse wheel scroll then zooms in to the mesh. HUH? And then to confirm the operation, if initiated by CTRL-R, you have to click the LMB. But if initiated by the left hand toolbar, you just release the LMB.

And the list goes on. Sorry for the rant, but for those of us who use many different software apps, trying to remember all of these little idiosyncracies is just mind boggling.