Hotkey problem

Hey guys, new Blender user here, about a month of practice so far. I work on Blender on my 2005 powerbook g4, so naturally I have emulate numpad and emulate 3-button mouse activated. My problem is that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to select edge loops. On the windows version, the hotkey is alt + rmb, right? Logically i figured that with emulate 3-button mouse, the hotkey would be alt + cmd + lmb. That is not the case. I have googled, and user preference’d but to no avail. I can’t find it anywhere. I’m beginning to think that there is no such thing as selecting edge loops on a mac with the settings I have.:frowning:

If anyone would be able to help that would be just great, and would be awesomely appreciated.


Well, I don’t know which keys you have to press, but at least there is the possibility of changing the hotkeys under User Preferences/Input, if you don’t find a solution to this problem.

But I suppose someone else will be able to help you a bit more…

Now theres the rub. When I go into user preferences/input, i can’t find a hotkey for selecting edge loops. There is a drop down menu for object mode, but none for edit mode. I don’t know if this is normal, but i find it to be strange.

Oh, sorry, I obviously didn’t read your whole post :smiley:

You can find it by using the search function for example. Just search for “edge ring select”…

I’m sorry if I’m being really dumb, but this is what I get, and I don’t understand it.
To dash any confusion, I already had the loop selected because I had just added it, but the hotkey it gives me is weird.

Well, I meant the search function which you can find under User Preferences/Input…:wink:

Ahhh, thank you good sir. It appears I was just having some trouble finding it is all. With my current configuration I had to change some hotkeys but it was all fine.