HotKey Reference - 2.36

Hello, all:

I put this together both to make an easy reference for myself and also to familiarize myself with the new features in Blender since last I dove into the soup.

Hope it’s useful! I didn’t write much of this: it almost all came from the Blender online documentation. I just added the new version features and formatted it a bit.

HotKey Reference PDF File

wow… thanks for that

it should be very useful in my (tentative) class…

if my computer teacher ever gets over the fact that Blender:

  1. is NOT SHAREWARE (he just doesnt understand the concept of “open source”)

(this one sounded incredulous to me…)
2. Blender does not put adware-spyware junk onto your computer

both of which he has to “check” before i can start it…