Hotkey set origin

Hey guys,

Is there a hotkey set up for set origin in 2.8? In 2.79 obviously you had ctrl/sft/alt/c


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There’s no default key set up, at least in the most recent build of 2.8 I downloaded (which was from last week some time). It’s easy to add though.

  1. Bring up the Object context menu. Pick any of the ‘Origin to…’ commands.

  2. Right click and assign Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C.

  3. Go into the Keymap section of the Prefs and either search for Origin under Name or Ctrl Shift Alt C under Key-binding. Click the X on the bit that defines Type to clear it out.

  4. That should be it. I only ever seem to use Origin to 3D Cursor and Origin to Geometry so I’m just as well just adding those two to my Quick Favourites :stuck_out_tongue:


I use shift-s, which brings up a pie menu. While the object is selected and the 3D cursor at the origin (or any other position for that matter). Maybe you want to try that. Hotkey is a good idea, though. Cheers

Quick Favorites is a good point actually, I’ve been saving things to Quick Favorites but they seem to disappear between projects, do they have to be saved manually?

Aye, you have to go into Edit>Preferences… Save Preferences to get Quick Favourite stuff to stick


Yeah figured it out when I accidentally made the left mouse button the origin shortcut :smiley: wasn’t very useful.

Thanks John


hahahahah. I managed to do the same when grabbing my screenshots :slight_smile:

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It seems like the devs forgot about this menu. But you can still have the same functionality as in 2.7x if you wish…

Thank you for this tip!!!
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