Hotkey specific collection visibility? / implementing "shyness" in Blender

Here’s what I’d like: the ability to HIDE specific collections via hotkey from the 3dView.

Here’s the setup: some PREFIX to a collection name flags it as “will be hidden”. So, if you name a collection “H.Reference Pix” or “H.Lights & Cameras”, hitting a hotkey toggles the visibility for that Collection.

(Actually, it’d be ok if this was extended to all Items: anything with an “H.*” (or whatevz) prefix.)

  1. Is this redundant? Is there some HOTKEYable feature I’m ignoring that does this?
  2. ummm… to be filled when I think of what I’m missing.

USE CASE: I’ve found myself toggling the viz of my character’s reference images a lot. Boo! I also like to throw the lights and cameras into a collection so I can hide them en masse. I’d like to make that easier. By assigning a prefix I could designate specific items “shy” (in the After Effects sense).

Pressing the number keys will hide the respective collection in the order ascending from the top to bottom of the outliner for example the top Camera collection would be number key 1 and the collection below it would be number 2 and so on, and this is the number keys at the top of the keyboard not the number pad. alt+number to go past 9
Not sure if that is what you are getting at but I know what you mean. I just recently found that out after switching from 2.79 and used to the hotkey there but in 2.8x I noticed it made collections go into hiding in the viewport.