hotkeys and more

i a hotkey list i found:

CTRL + L select verteces linked to selected vertex
CTRL + H Automatic Handle calculation
ALT + F Beauty reFill (mesh edit)
ALT + F Make First base (curve edit)
Y split selected from rest

where and how can u use these especially CTRL + L… whats the idea behind linking one vertex to another? i made some experiments, but i couldnt recognize any changes on the mesh…

normally SHFT + D is full copy of something. whats the differnce to “Y - split selected from rest” while mesh editing and some verteces are selected?

last questions refer to the “paint buttons - UV editing”
under “face select” u got a block of buttons named like this

Tex Tiles Light Invisible Collision
Shared Twosided ObColor
Halo Billboard Shadow Text

i already know a lot of them, but whats the effect for non-blender-game renderings of ObColor, Billboard, Light, Shared, Shadow, Text?

thx a lot guys

PS: i know i am dumb :frowning: but whats the long form of “WIP”. i read it again and again, but couldt imagine what it is…

I can answer most of these…

Yeah, this doesn’t change a mesh, it selects all the verts that are connected to the selected verts. An object can have more than one mesh in it. If you had an Object wiht a sphere and a cylender overlapping and wanted to move just the sphere (in edit mode), you’d select a vert of the sphere where they don’t overlap, hit CTRL-L and the rest of the verts of the Sphere are selected. You can then drag just the sphere (or scale or extrude…). L does the same but to the mesh the mouse is over/closest to.

CTRL + H Automatic Handle calculation
For curves there are different types of handles (control points) This sets the type to “Auto” (I beleive that’s the default type). CTRL-V makes a vector handle… Try it…

ALT + F Beauty reFill (mesh edit)
ALT + F Make First base (curve edit)

The first rearanges the faces of a mesh to make them more regular. Couldn’t figure out what the second does…

Y split selected from rest

This creates an artificial divition in a mesh. Say you have an arm and a hand modeled as one mesh. If ou use L or CTRL-L (in edit mode), you’d select the whole thing. But you could select the verts of the hand, press Y, and it will “split them”. They will still be connected, but if you mouse over the hand and hit L only the hand is selected. You could then drag the hand, but the faces of the arm will follow (still physically connected).


You may want to check the function of the Split command (Y). When I tried it in 2.23, it actually made two disjoint meshes, not just an artificial selection boundry.

I went back to 2.23 and tested, mine works as described, 1 mesh remains. However I used this feature in earlier versions of Blender and It did physically break the mesh… Interesting.

thx rwenzlaff
perhaps someday i understand all hotkeys :slight_smile: