hotkeys 'B' and 'C'

In 2.49, ‘B’ was selection border/brush, and ‘C’ was center to cursor.
In 2.53, ‘B’ is now selection border, and ‘C’ is selection brush.
Center to cursor is not assigned to any hotkey.

I would prefer the 2.49 hotkeys as default. What is your preference?


I have a laptop, so numpad ‘.’ is not available. I’ll probably reassign them in key config.
Is it possible to attach ‘BB’ to selection brush?

How can I set the following in Blender 2.5?
‘C’ - center to cursor
Hold down ‘B’ - circle select
Press and release ‘B’ - border select

Is this possible? I’ve tried to set up ‘B’ key as above, but failed.

Hi, I;m struggling to get the Apply scale and rotation function in 2.53 (Alpha).