Hotkeys changed 2.82

I didn’t go into keymap changes, or do anything extraordinary, but i somehow changed the “alt m” merge command to be just “m” ( probably whole bunch of other commands changed, i didn’t check ). Also alt in edit mode is causing weird alt menu at the bottom. Didn’t find any answer how to change back, i need your help.
p.s alt m now for some reason give me this menu image 2


The “menu” at the bottom are just tips. This feature has been around for a long time for other actions if perhaps not for the Alt key (can’t say for sure). But for doing an edge slide, for instance, Blender would display info on using the E or C key to modify the behavior. You can change any shortcut in the Key Map in Preferences, but I like this as I use Merge a lot, but its going to take a while to work this one out of my muscle memory.

In general, most software uses the “Alt” modifier key to mean doing the opposite (Like A to select all, Alt-A to deselect all now in Blender). Since Split is the opposite of Merge, this makes sense. The devs are just making things more predictable.

No, the thing is that i was already working on 2.82 and alt m was working normaly as merge, then i suppose i pressed some weird combination or something and keymap changed. What about alt menu i am almost sure it wasn’t there before something happened.

You might try going to Preferences/Key Map and choosing the default key map to reset, or using File:Defaults:Load Factory Settings. Also, if you tap the alt key, the shortcuts show up in the bottom info bar for control of the tools in the tool shelf (at left in the viewport, shown by pressing the T key). I.e., tap Alt, then tap W for Tweak. I find this behavior a little annoying because sometimes I change my mind after pressing the Alt key, but then the next key I press has an unexpected effect. Oh well; can’t have everything.

Im continually finding more and more of the shortcuts are removed and I have to add them again by locating it in the menu and right-clicking on it and adding it. Alt-c Shift-ctrl-alt-c for origin Its nice they allow such flexibility for shortcuts. I wish I had a list of what shortcuts were removed.