Hotkeys for Mode types

Does anyone know what are the hotkeys for all the Modes available when the mouse is in the 3D View? For the character I’m developing I need to cycle between nearly all of them, so that’s why more hotkeys would be very welcome:

Object Mode (CTRL+TAB)
Edit Mode (TAB)
Sculpt Mode ???
Vertex Paint (V)
Texture Paint ???
Weight Paint (CTRL+TAB)
Particle Mode ???

Don’t forget pose mode ( ctrl tab )

You’re right, when having an armature selected the Pose Mode hotkey is CTRL+TAB. But how about Sculpt, Texture and Particle? :confused:

It doesn’t seem to be coded, but should you be able to set up your own hotkeys for these functions in the User Preferences?

I didn’t find these listed in the Input tab of the Preferences window…