Hotkeys for port view not working?

Shows Ctrl + (1…6) to change viewport angle but it’s not doing anything ?

OSX Sierra, Blender 2.79.

Assuming you don’t use a numpad (the numbers refer to numpad not number keys on main keyboard), in User Preferences enable ‘Emulate Numpad’ to use 1, 2 3 etc keys as the view shortcuts.

Yes no number pad. I tried altering the key to set it as Ctrl 1 but had no affect. Emulate was already on so I’ve just tried with it off and actually works fine.

Ctrl+1 is already assigned by default so if you want to set a custom shortcut you have to ensure it does not conflict with any existing ones or it won’t work

Thanks for this thread… I was stuck on similar problem, got a cheapo USB numpad. But it is not matching astetically to the rest of the setup or the keyboard.

Totally forgot about the numpad emulation… hehe…

Either way, thanks for the reminder.