HOTKEYS script updated (2007/01/21)

Hotkeys script updated (part 1, letters will come later)

looks cool so far, very useful.


A search method was added :

Now that IS useful… I’ve missed a search function there many times. Good work!

Several recent hotkeys was added too .

Arrow keys and page keys, up and down, can be used to display the end of a long list of results .

The link to the last script version was false . Corrected now .
Sorry .

new update :
shortcuts added and a correction in the search fonction.

Ooh thanks, as always your scripts are awsome.

Updated (and corrected ) :

updated with the same name and same url .

New update for blender 242 but it works also with blender 2.41 . Same url .

nice work… really handy :slight_smile:

new version :

New version:

A few months ago, on the bf-python list, I asked if it was possible to have a function to know what language, or if a different language from english, was currently used by the Blender’s GUI. With this information, the script could use a translation of the hotkeys database.

I am Always waiting for an answer.

Hi… JMS thnx alot for the new hotkeys version…cheers

Just a word : this version is released with Blender 2.43


updated :