Hotkeys - Why the Left Alt?

For several hotkeys you need to use the LEFT-ALT + any key.

This is quite often either requiring two hands,… or will cause your hands to cramp up, when trying to do this often with one hand.

Is there a way to make the ALT usage universal (both alts are equal: LEFT-ALT == RIGHT-ALT)??

Alt+M or ALT+O simply aren’t easy to use at all…
unless if we could use the right-alt for these.

Any suggestions how to improve this?
(without strafing away from the default set up, to prevent loosing/resets every time you get an update)

What is your operating system and keyboard layout ?
For me, left and right Alt work just the same as each other for the examples you mention

Ah, ok, so then it is my set up system or release version?

Ubuntu 11.10 64
Using irie blender ppa (oneiric / main)
US keyboard layout

Does anyone else experience this, especially on Ubuntu specific?
Or anyone know a solution or workaround?

I am eager to learn what is causing this problem, now I’ve learned that it isn’t designed this way(?).

As a win32 user, one of my big pleasures in Blender is that alt(gr)/ctrl/shift ISN’t left/right-specific. It actually makes a really really really big UI difference. So I’ll bump this a bit and wish you the best of luck!

Unity acts this way, it’s a problem about the desktop environment and it’s not related to Blender, i have Oniric too and i have the same behaviour with Unity.

edit: you can try this

Its not just Unity, its the same on Gnome. SHIFT and CTRL work equally, but ALT and ALT GR seem to be two keys.

That link isn’t really relevant to the OP’s. question.

Ubuntu 11.10 64 ( aka Oniric ) uses Unity, so i’m talking about unity, also the same thing can virtually happen with every desktop, the problem is that between your input and the software that you are using there is always the desktop manager and your OS.

considering what we are talking about i don’t really think so.

Thanks for all your replies.
Every key that is available on the keyboard twice (like shift, ctrl, alt, are all individual keys, the always are, also in windows - but it’s the code that needs to interpreter them as one (or not) - so I guess this is missing in Blender.) But Blender could integrate the input of both keys, to have the same end result.

So for now, the conclusion is:
It isn’t an individual problem, but something that is determined by how Blender is set up.
So bug report? (as in feedback for small, yet very major improvement (in user friendliness and workflow))

I am experiencing the same problem and have been looking to resolve the issue for two days now. From what I’ve learned:

Unity is taking over the shortcuts so that you can have your 3D effects, like CTRL ALT combos to switch your view.

You can sign on as Ubuntu2D and Blender does work better, but then I feel like I’m missing out on where Ubuntu is headed in development.

I have tried multiple suggestions from forums, including changing key bindings, keyboard layouts, ALT/CTRL commands in system settings, etc, but nothing seems to work the best.

It would be easiest if there was some way in Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity to change all ALT commands to SUPER commands without having to change them individually.

I’m currently running:
Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity
Blender 2.62